Riteketo Reviews: Does It Really Work?

While many dietary supplements are aimed at men worried about their wastes and unsightly cellulite, products such as Riteketo are increasing in number and make bolder claims about how they can help you carve with a few pills and little work. So, does this product really work, or is it just a scam?

What is it?

Riteketo is supposedly a highly concentrated and powerful supplement that has thermogenic effects and also increases free testosterone levels in the blood. Manufacturers claim that with elevated testosterone levels, muscle mass will mature and increase rapidly, without specifying what results you might expect. The company also does not  Riteketoindicate any address, which is a good cause for concern, since no legitimate business would do that. Worse, the company also uses pseudoscience and a lot of jumbo to buy your product.

Main ingredients in Riteketo

If most dietary supplement manufacturers hide behind the proprietary blend trick, they at least specify the amount of the mixture, usually in milligrams. In this case, they don’t even bother, and use fake diagrams and links to unreliable articles to justify their claims. We learn that these pills contain phenols, caffeine, creatine and green tea extract from excess phytosomes.

How does it work?

There is no specific mechanism of action on how these pills actually work, so we are supposed to take manufacturers for granted. Creatine  is an essential component in human bodies and is responsible for the production of energy in the body, but the amounts in the pills are probably too low to have any effect. Phenomena are components of fenugreek, a plant that is best known for its use in Asian cuisine. Caffeine and green tea extract are based on the same ingredient that you can get from natural versions, and boron, the product that claims to help increase testosterone levels, although necessary for life, has not been proven cause the effect that manufacturers presume.

Side effects

There are few testimonials about Riteketo, and there are also no specified amounts for each ingredient. However, it could be assumed that the only side effects could be related to caffeine, which could cause problems for people with heart problems. Boron, which is found only in the organoboronic component, boric acid and boric oxide, has low toxicity and amounts up to 4 g per day have been considered safe. The pills have a total of much less than that, so toxicity due to boron is very unlikely.

Will it work for you?

Judging by their content, these tablets probably won’t work for you. Caffeine will not make you mature, and while creatine could do it, you would need to drink much more than a pill can contain. You can find cheaper creatine in the market and get 400 g for less than $ 10 instead of paying $ 50 for a single bottle.


With a bleak business behind, no ingredient profile and no clinical evidence, Riteketo is probably a waste of money, and you could get better results from something cheaper, such as creatine supplements, if you really want to shred, not to mention putting a lot of effort into the gym.

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